We’re back with you after a bit of an information gap caused by the camera breaking down half way through the hatching period. It’s been a frustrating and stressful time for everyone – people involved in the project and viewers – not knowing how our family were getting on and whether all the chicks survived the atrocious weather at the beginning of June. We could see from the ground that Delilah was feeding at least one chick but we didn’t know until Monday, 26th June that all 3 chicks had survived. If the lady who was standing next to me when that third head popped into view is reading this, I hope the perforated eardrum that you probably suffered as a result of my squeal of excitement heals soon!

The camera is now back up and working, thanks to our technical expert and the ringing team that replaced the equipment at the same time as the ringing was carried out today (Fri 7 Jul). We have a huge female chick, called Lilliard, with blue leg ring PX6, and two male chicks, named Walter (PY0) and Rabbie (PX9). The names are based on local historic celebrities and (in Lilliard’s case) also to celebrate the launch of a certain brand of gin that is distilled on site. The chicks were as good as gold while we ringed and measured them and, once back on the nest, they were seen tucking into a fish lunch provided by Samson and fed to them by Delilah. A great end to an exciting adventure. Here are a few photos from the day.






The next bit of excitement will be when the birds fledge. From now on, the chicks will be exercising their wings in readiness for their first flight which, for Lilliard, might be in less than two weeks! I’ll let you know!
Thank you for your patience.


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  1. Thanks, Dave. It’s a relief. I’ll be writing a further blog very soon on their fledging.

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