A Borders feast for your tastebuds…

The Borders, with its wealth of cereal, sheep and beef farming, its wonderful seafish from Eyemouth and its plentiful game, has long been known as the breadbasket of Scotland. But recent years have also seen a host of new producers springing up to take advantage of these amazing natural ingredients.

From bread-makers to charcuterie creators, and from cheese-makers to brewers, the Borders is now awash with delicious artisan produce. And you can find it all in our delightful food and drink shop.

Whether you’re looking for honey from bees that forage on the stunning Cheviot hills, butter churned the old-fashioned way from a herd of Jerseys near Kelso, amazing marsh mallows flavoured with gin and whisky from Minto, or melt-in-the-mouth sour dough bread from Ford & Etal, we can guide you through the wealth of food and drink the region has to offer, as well as offering regular tastings and producer events.

Try your hand at cheese making with our fabulous locally-made kits ...

From pies to herbs and vegetables, the food and drink shop is a gourmet's dream

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