Learn to brew your own beer

Come and discover the joys of home brewing, with our new one day course for beginners. Learn what mashing looks like, why beers taste different, and how to kit yourself up to create your own delicious ales.

Tutor Dave Reeves will walk you through a complete brew, from selecting the ingredients to bottling the final product, and he’ll do it in a way that makes things simple. There’s a lot of mystique surrounding brewing, but really it’s quite straightforward, and Dave will ensure you leave with a very clear idea of what’s involved.

There will be the chance to sample different beers from the brewery itself, and the day takes a very relaxed format, with a maximum of six people on the course at any one time.

So if you want to discover just how much fun making your own beer can be, or you know someone else who might enjoy it, book a course today by calling 01835 830 495.

Course details

Upcoming dates: First weekend of each month all year
Cost: £39 (includes tea/coffee and morning scone)
Times: 10am – 4pm
Location: Born in the Borders Brewery, Lanton Mill, Jedburgh TD8 6ST

Born in the Borders, Lanton Mill, Jedburgh TD8 6ST
Tel: 01835 830495 Email: info@bornintheborders.com