In the interests of the health and safety of our staff and customers, and to help to do our bit to contain the spread of Corona Virus, we have decided that the only prudent course of action is to close our café and restaurant at Lanton Mill for 30 days, starting tomorrow, 19th March.

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Lilliard - the original Borders gin

Our friends at the Lilliard Ginnery, based here at Born in the Borders, were inspired by Borders legend and local heroine Lilliard.


They distill their gin in small batches in a beautiful copper still, and their botanicals have been carefully selected to represent the lush abundance of the rolling Scottish Borders countryside.


Rowan, rosehip, meadowsweet and elderflower combine with juniper to create an elegant, floral gin that embodies the four fragrant seasons of our Border valleys.


For safety and legal reasons, they cannot always be open to the public, but they love visitors, so if you are making a special trip, get in touch with them via and they will do their best to accommodate you.


And if you can’t make it here in person, you can always buy a bottle online – just click here to be taken to our shop.

A wealth of Borders botanicals are used in the creation of the gin

Unusually, the gin still has a male name instead of the traditional female one. But can you guess what it is?

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