Get hooked on our beautiful river

Thanks to the River Tweed, the world’s most famous salmon river, the Borders and fishing have become inextricably linked. So why not immerse yourself in the area’s favourite sport and enjoy a cast or two here at Born in the Borders? We’ve got 1 mile of double bank fishing on the River Teviot, the largest tributary of the River Tweed, and it’s an ideal place for both beginners looking to find their feet and more seasoned professionals looking for good value sport.

In the summer, we also offer excellent trout fishing, and come the colder winter months, the Teviot springs back into life as one of the UK’s best grayling rivers.

It is best to ring in advance if you’re thinking about salmon, but day tickets for trout and grayling are available (depending on season) from the Good and Gifts shop.

The Teviot offers salmon, trout and grayling fishing in beautiful surroundings

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