Making Born in the Borders mean more…

The 5p charge from every Born in the Borders carrier bag goes to the BGH Maternity Unit

When we went looking for a local charity to partner with, we didn’t have to look very far.

With a name like Born in the Borders, the Borders General Hospital Maternity Unit made for an obvious choice –  one firmly supported by the many members of our staff who have actually had their children there.

So we have decided to give one percent of our net turnover to help the Unit improve its facilities and bring even more Borders children into the world.

We’ll also donate all the proceeds from the sale of shopping bags to the Unit, and we’ll keep this page updated with a running total of what we have given and what that money has bought.

We also hope to make the relationship about more than just money. Some of the children born at the Unit will go on to become the next generation of Borders producers, makers, crafters, chefs and growers, so we want to support, help and inspire them in every possible way. That’s why we put children at the heart of our offering, with all the events, activities and facilities that make Born in the Borders such a child-friendly destination.


Money raised so far: £1059.57



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